Lux Glow Facial

What is the Lux Glow Facial?

The Lux Glow Facial is a facial that removes the top layers of dead skin cells as well as superficial hair. By removing the hair, it allows for better penetration of the peel.

Are there any side effects to the Lux Glow Facial?

Some patients may experience a mild redness, in the face, after receiving the treatment. There may also be an increased sensitivity to sunlight and therefore it is important for patients to avoid direct sunlight and wear an SPF of 30 or above after getting Lux Glow Facial.

Benefits from the Lux Glow Facial

The Lux Glow Facial leaves your skin feeling fresh with a beautiful new glow. You may immediately notice youthful, smooth, bright skin. However it will take a few days to appreciate the full effects.

How long does this treatment take and how many treatments should I receive?

The Lux Glow is about a 45 minute procedure.  In order for a patient to maintain optimal results, a patient should receive this treatment once every six weeks.

Please contact our office at 304-777-4677 to schedule your next treatment with Tonya Lowery, LMA, CLT. She is in the office all day on Tuesday and as well as a couple of other part time days a week. We look forward to helping you glow.

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