Earlobe Repair

What is earlobe repair?

A torn earlobe is a quite common problem. Earlobe repair is a procedure in which Dr. McClellan repairs a tear that may be partially or completely through the earlobe.

What types of people get their earlobes repaired?

Torn earlobes can happen to men and women of all ages. Here is a brief list of who gets their earlobes repaired and why:

  • Children will often play in their parent’s jewelry and a heavy dangly earring can easily pull through a child’s ear.
  • Likewise, small children may also grab and pull at their parent’s earrings causing the earring to go through the ear.
  • Sports injuries also cause a great number of earlobe injuries.
  • As you age, your lobes may become stretched from years of wearing heavy earrings and you may wish to have them repaired for cosmetic purposes.
  • A small number of our patients may have had their lobes stretched in order to accommodate ear plugs.

Is this procedure covered by insurance?

This is a cosmetic procedure and will not be covered by your insurance.

What can I expect for surgery and recovery?

Earlobe repair is a small enough procedure that Dr. McClellan actually performs it in our office in the procedure room. The repair generally takes about an hour under local anesthetic; and the pain is very minimal. We will see you back about 5 to 6 days after the procedure for suture removal. Three months after your repair Dr. McClellan may re-pierce your ears if you wish.

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