Trinity Eye Treatment

What is the Trinity Eye Treatment package?

The trinity eye package is a specific selection of three laser modalities designed to help combat the signs of aging. The trinity eye treatment has three modalities; fotofacial, skin tightening and sublative rejuvenation.

How does the trinity eye package work?

The laser eye package combines Fotofacial, Skin Tightening and Sublative Rejuvenation.

Is the trinity eye package safe?

The treatments that are combined to create the laser eye package are completely safe.

Does the treatment hurt?

The treatment is generally handled well by patients and they describe it as a warm, prickling sensation. As every patient is different, pain tolerance changes from patient to patient. Ice may be applied to the area or a topical anesthetic ointment may be used to help minimize pain.

Where can you get the trinity eye package?

The trinity eye package is mainly utilized as a treatment for beneath the eyes. In many cases, this is our patient’s main problem area. Utilizing the trinity package below the eyes will allow you to see tightening, decreased puffiness, and minimization of dark circles.

How many treatments will you need to see results?

Generally, you will a minimum of 3 treatments in order to see the full results. Treatments are spaced about 4-6 weeks apart.

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