Hair Reduction

What is the hair reduction treatment?

Hair reduction is exactly what it seems – a removal or reduction of hair in the targeted area. We refer to the procedure as reduction rather than removal because the procedure permanently reduces the amount of hair, but does not permanently remove it.

How does the hair reduction treatment work?

Bi-polar radio frequency and laser energy are combined and used to damage and disable the hair follicles from growing. There are different phases of hair growth and treating the hair at varying levels of growth allows the treatment to effectively reduce and remove hair from the targeted area.

Is the hair reduction treatment safe?

Hair reduction is one of the safest laser procedures available. Both laser and radio frequency energy have been used in the medical field for years without problems or issues.

Does the treatment hurt?

The treatment is generally handled well by patients. As every patient is different, pain tolerance changes from patient to patient. Cooling the treatment area with an ice pack prior to the treatment as well as applying a topical anesthetic will allow you to be comfortable during the treatment.

Where can you get the hair reduction treatment?

You may get the hair reduction treatment in a variety of locations including:

How many treatments will you need to see results?

With each treatment you will see a reduction in the amount of hair as well as a progressively lighter color and slower growth. Generally, it takes about 6 treatments in order to have a complete reduction in hair growth. This varies from patient to patient as different hair types require a different number of treatments. Each procedure is spaced out about 6 to 8 weeks. After you have completed a package of treatments you will be able to maintain your results by simply having a maintenance treatment once every several years, or as you notice the hair starting to grow back. To learn more about laser hair reduction click here to view Syneron’s website. If you would like to stop shaving and painful waxing then

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