What is a fotofacial?

A fotofacial is a laser treatment designed to restore skin to a more youthful state. It will help diminish hyper- or hypo-pigmentation as well as vascular imperfections. Fotofacials are also known as skin rejuvenation; they may be referred to as an SRA treatment.

How do fotofacials work?

A fotofacial uses selective focused light and bi-polar energy to change the appearance of areas of discoloration. These pigmented lesions absorb this specific light energy while the regular dermis is unaffected.

Are fotofacials safe?

Fotofacial treatments are safe for men and women. SRA technology has been used for many years in varying forms in the medical community. There are no long term health hazards associated with the treatment.

Does the treatment hurt?

The treatment is generally handled well by patients and they describe it as a “hot pinch” sensation. As every patient is different, pain tolerance changes from patient to patient. Topical anesthetic ointments may be used to help minimize pain.

Where can you get a fotofacial?

The face, neck, and hands are the most commonly treated areas. These three areas are generally the most visibly affected regions of sun damage and signs of aging.

How many treatments will you need to see results?

You will generally need 3-5 treatments to see the full results of a fotofacial. Treatments are spaced 3 to 4 weeks apart. Typically patients see a change in their discolored regions first and an improvement in skin texture closer to the end of the treatment series. To learn more about fotofacial click here to view Syneron’s website. If fotofacial sounds like a procedure that would benefit you, please contact our office to schedule a FREE consultation with Tonya or Krystal.

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