Congential Abnormalities

What is a congenital abnormality?

A congenital abnormality or anomaly, also known as a birth defect, is a condition present at the time of birth. A congenital abnormality may affect the heart, nervous system, gastrointestinal system, or the limbs, an anomaly known as dysmelia. There are multiple varieties of conditions for each abnormality.

What types of congenital abnormalities does Dr. McClellan treat?

For the majority of cases, Dr. McClellan treats congenital abnormalities that affect the limbs. Here is a list of several of the conditions as well as a brief description of each condition.

How will Dr. McClellan treat my congenital abnormality?

Each type of congenital abnormality is as different as the individual that is affected by it. For this reason, coming in for a free consultation is the best method for you to find out how you may be treated.

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