What is a burn?

A burn is a painful injury that may be caused by a fire, scalding, chemical spill, or electrocution. Burns leave behind scars which may limit mobility, cause a loss of sensation, as well as be cosmetically unappealing.

How can a burn be treated?

There are different reconstructive options available depending on the severity of the burn and how long it has been since the burn occurred.Surgery may be performed immediately after the injury, a process also known as acute burn care, or several months following the injury when the wound has healed, or reconstructive burn care. Reconstructive care is typically more successful and leads to fewer future surgeries. With either option, the main goals are to improve function and cosmetic appearance.The scar tissue of a burn may be treated both operatively as well as non-operatively. Scar massage, application of pressure garments, and occupational therapy are just a few of the non-surgical options that may help with burn injuries. If surgical means are necessary, there are many types of scar release procedures. Once the scar is opened a variety of techniques may be used to close the wound. Skin grafts, skin rearrangement, and flaps are just a couple of the options available.

What can Dr. McClellan do to treat my burn?

Coming in for a free consultation is the best method for Dr. McClellan to evaluate your burn. At that time Dr. McClellan will be able to go over possible courses of treatment and what you can expect for results and recovery.

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