Tubular Breast Deformity

What is tubular breast deformity?

Also known as double bubble deformity, tubular breast deformity is a condition in which early breast growth is restricted. This restriction causes small, drooping, and uneven breasts. In most cases, herniated tissues inside the breast push against the areola, causing it to bulge and enlarge, another characteristic trait of the deformity. Tubular breast deformity is a congenital abnormality and therefore you may be able to get your insurance to cover part, if not all of the surgical fees.

How can I tell if I have tubular breast deformity?

Some of the common signs of tubular breast deformity are:

How is tubular breast deformity corrected?

Surgical intervention is the only permanent option that women have to correct this condition. From the surgeon’s point of view, correcting tubular breast deformity is like doing a breast reconstruction, lift, and augmentation all in one. Although surgical correction varies from patient to patient, it is sometimes necessary to place a tissue expander before a permanent implant. This is what is typically done in breast reconstruction and is a process that slowly brings the breast up to the desired size. After the breast skin has had time to expand along with the implant, Dr. McClellan will then exchange out the expander for a permanent implant.

Am I a candidate for surgery?

Before you consider any type of surgery it is important to first consider whether or not you are a candidate for surgery. Although you should always come in for a consultation, here are a few of the major factors that keep people from getting surgery:

What should I expect for my initial consultation?

If you think that you may have tubular breast deformity and would like to come in for a free consultation, you should allow at least 45 minutes in our office. You may come about 15 minutes early to your appointment to fill out the necessary forms. During your consultation Dr. McClellan will give you more information about the condition, what surgery is necessary, and answer any of your questions. It is often helpful to have a list of questions that you may have or something that you need clarification on.

After you meet with Dr. McClellan, you will then be escorted to Becky Miller’s office. She is our patient coordinator and will provide you with the price quote for the surgery as well as give you information about what financial options are available.

As previously mentioned, it is possible to have this procedure covered by your insurance. After your visit a letter will be sent to your insurance company and Becky will notify you as to the status of your claim. As the patient coordinator, Becky makes every effort to ensure that you are ready and feel comfortable before surgery. This may include repeat visits to the office or answering any questions that you may have after your initial appointment.

Contact us for a consultation or more information.