Cynthia Robinson, M.D.





Cynthia Robinson is a West Virginia native and completed her medical training in Texas. After many years of traveling, she now resides in Tripoli, Libya. Cynthia has beautifully captured both Libya’s rich history and daily life in her photographs. Morgantown Plastic Surgery is very excited to share her experience which offers a unique glimpse into a country not often seen.

“Growing up in Charleston, WV, I thought “fried calamari” was a very exotic menu choice – one that I only saw when we were on vacation. Thankfully, my parents often took us on trips around and outside of the United States. Additionally, throughout college and medical school, I took advantage of any opportunity to travel locally or abroad. Little did I realize that I would end up marrying an Englishman whose career would take us all over the world – Brazil, Norway, Scotland and now Libya. However, none of my travels prepared me for life in Tripoli. While there are some difficulties with living in Northern Africa, I continue to be surprised by Libya’s rich history. Assembled here are some pictures of places I’ve been in the past year. I’ve always been proud to say I’m a West Virginian. In every country I go to I rave about the mountains, the rivers and especially, the people. I hope these pictures let people see Libya as another special place.”

-Dr. Cynthia Robinson

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