Trigger Finger Release

The video below discusses what trigger finger is and shows a surgical procedure of a Trigger Finger-A1 pulley release.

How to fill a Tissue Expander

This video talks about how a tissue expander is filled following breast reconstruction. The most common method of breast reconstruction following mastectomy used a tissue expander. The tissue expander holds the place of the skin and allows the skin to be expanded to hold the final soft breast implant. Many of my patients want to know how I can put in saline after the tissue expander is under the skin. In this video I describe the tools and method to inflate the expander.

Nipple Reconstruction After Mastectomy

This is a surgical video showing the creation of a nipple following stage 2 breast reconstruction after mastectomy. Many patients ask about the process of nipple formation and this video shows a few of the concepts. It is the last in a series of three stages of breast reconstruction.

Split Thickness Skin Graft

This is a video of a Split Thickness Skin Graft being harvested and sewn into place. It describes common tools that plastic surgeons use to repair wounds from trauma and/or burns. Skin grafting is a very common surgery for patients and the video shows the key elements of the procedure.