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What is a Plastic Surgeon?

I wanted to create a post about what sorts of procedures a plastic surgeon performs. Most people and even other doctors think plastic surgeons only perform cosmetic procedures.

While it is true that most plastic surgeons do perform cosmetic surgery we are able to do so much more. That’s one of the reasons I love plastic surgery so much as a field. I get to operate on infants, elderly, men, women, all over the body, different levels of complexity from removal of small moles, to a 10 hour procedure (free flap) to save a leg. I often say my love of plastic surgery stems from the 3D puzzle solving and ability to be creative in the ways we solve those problems through surgery.

The training for plastic surgery is 6-8 years following medical school and then typically 1-2 years of sub-specialization. If your interested in becoming a plastic surgeon check out this site Plastic Surgery Match  it gives many pearls for getting into the most competitive specialty out of medical school.

Many patients are surprised when they are referred to my office for hand surgery. I commonly hear, “why am I at a plastic surgeons office for my carpal tunnel.” Great question. Plastic surgeons spend a tremendous amount of time performing hand surgery. For example I did a fellowship at Duke University specifically in hand surgery  Duke Hand Fellowship Page . Additionally the forefront of hand transplant and salvage are actually plastic surgeons Hopkins Plastic Surgeons Perform Hand Transplant

The fellowships that are offered after plastic surgery training are indicative of what we are able to offer our patients. These fellowships include: Microsurgery, pediatric surgery, hand surgery, laser surgery, cosmetic surgery, reconstructive surgery, craniofacial surgery.

I hope to educate you further about the awesome specialty of plastic surgery and provide a more in depth look as to the tough problems we face daily.

Please explore our site to see what we offer for services.

Welcome to our new blog!

Hi everyone. Wanted to let you know we are starting a shared blog between our website and tumblr. See Dr. McClellan’s Tumblr Blog

I get great questions about plastic surgery from my patients that visit and call everyday. I hope to enlighten other by answering these questions and providing good content and trusted information.

I hope you find the blog helpful and I will try and keep it updated regularly.

See you in the blogverse!

Dr. M

Breast Reconstruction



How to fill a Tissue Expander

This video talks about how a tissue expander is filled following breast reconstruction. The most common method of breast reconstruction following mastectomy used a tissue expander. The tissue expander holds the place of the skin and allows the skin to be expanded to hold the final soft breast implant. Many of my patients want to know how I can put in saline after the tissue expander is under the skin. In this video I describe the tools and method to inflate the expander.